Why is saffron the most valuable spice?

Why is saffron the most valuable spice? All spices give a special touch of aroma and flavor to our dishes, but of all of them, saffron is the most valuable. It can have different uses not only in gastronomy, but also for health, cosmetics or well-being. The crop, the harvest and the saffron preparation are […]

Saffron History

Saffron History The origin of saffron is not very clear, but the documents show that it was discovered in ancient time, in Central Asia and has been expanded by the civilizations of antiquity (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.). The word “saffron” comes from the Arabic term “asfarque”, meaning yellow color, while “Safra” is the name of […]

How to use saffron

¿Comó utilizar el azafrán? How to use saffron? To get all the flavor and color of saffron, this can be mashed in a mortar to obtain a uniform powder. Then it is left to soak in water, broth, milk or some liquor (if the recipe includes it) and wait some minutes before adding it to […]

Galician Style Octopus

Pulpo a la Gallega Ingredientes: 1 pulpo 2 kilos 500 g de papas 2 cebollas pequeñas Azafrán Sal Aceite de oliva


Pisto  Ingredients: 4 table spoons olive oil 1 large chopped onion 1 diced red pepper 1 fully diced clove of garlic 1 table spoon ground cumin 1 table spoon dried and ground paprika 300 g eggplant (2 cm dices) 200 g courgette zucchini (2 cm dices) 400 g skinned chopped tomatoes fresh or canned 2 […]

Asturian bean stew

Asturian bean stew Ingredients: 400 g of fabes (French beans) 200 g of Asturian spicy sausage 200 g of Asturian black puddings (dry, smoked) 200 g of shoulder of pork 100 g of bacon or streaky bacon 6 saffron threads Salt

Saffron for cooking

Saffron for cooking Cuisine and culture are interrelated, so the ingresdients used in cooking depend on every particular culture and tradition.